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About Treboss


מסגרת תמונה ראשית

Since its creation in 1986, FM Optics (Fair Marketing) has acquired extensive experience and an excellent reputation in the marketing and distribution of international optical brands. Always eager to innovate, FM Optics started to design and develop its own brands. Treboss was introduced in January 2017. Since the successful presentation at OPTI 2017, the Treboss collection is sold today in several major markets such as Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, and Canada.


Playful but not extravagant

Treboss offers original, urban and fun eyewear designs. The collection is playful but not extravagant and therefore it is accessible to everyone. The subtle details, the unexpected combinations of colors and the smart design characterize the Treboss frames. Fun to wear, fun to see.

Made of a combination of TR90 and stainless steel, the frames are of the highest quality and are perfect for people with rather narrow faces who have a hard time finding nice, trendy, fun frames at the right size.